We’re not just strategy consultants, with our comprehensive approach, your organization, leaders and teams will think strategically long after we’re gone.Get the World’s Most Powerful Approach to Strategy for The World’s Most Powerful Strategies

“Not every choice is strategic, but every choice can be made more strategically” – Kyle Brost

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Insights, Choices, Capabilities

You can’t just follow a set of steps if you want to be successful; you have to understand the very nature of the process. That’s why we don’t just facilitate a process, we teach you to capture insights, create choices and develop strategic capabilities. With our consulting and training approach, you’ll be strategic long after we’re gone.

Business Challenge #1:

How do I get more leads?
Tip: Be Where Your Customers Are

Ask yourself, “where are my customers when they face the problem that I can solve?” That’s where you want to be and where you will generate leads. Depending on where that is, your approach to lead generation may be traditional marketing, affiliation agreements, content creation or a myriad of other options. However, it start by having a presence where you customers are when they face the problem you can solve.


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Learn About Confluence Theory™

The World’s Most Powerful Approach to Strategy


The World’s Most Powerful Strategies

Our work on Confluence Theory™ has revealed that some strategies are Organic, some Analytic and some Aligned. The most powerful strategies though are Confluent Strategies™. Learn Why

Choice Strategy Group

Not all choices are strategic, but all choices can be made strategically.

Insights that Matter

We provide strategy consulting and training for organizations and leaders, offering detailed insights to help them understand their choices. Our clients feel inspired as they overcome the obstacles affecting their business.

Innovative Decision Making

After helping organizations understand their choices, we teach them to make strategic decisions that drive outcomes. Our strategy consultants are experienced leadership development professionals, and offer sound consulting and corporate training programs that improve our clients’ decision making.

A Results-Oriented Framework

At Choice Strategy Group, our consulting experience spans sectors and functions. We are thought leaders on strategy, and take pride in the strength of our framework.


Do today’s job with today’s tools and today’s concepts

Learn more about Confluence Theory and why it is the world’s most powerful approach to strategy. Our team of expert consultants has compiled a variety of resources for our clients and the greater community. The following is a curated list of strategic tools we recommend for leaders and organizations. Many of these are our own proprietary tools; others are from fellow experts in strategy and leadership.

White Papers

  • Confluence Theory
  • Confluence Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Trust Matrix
  • Humility Paradox

Videos & Webinars

  • Confluence Thinking™ in Action
  • 3 Keys to Powerful Partnerships
  • Strategy & Execution: A Confluence Theory™ Approach

Tools & Assessments

  • Confluence Strategy™ Assessment
  • Confluence Leaership™ Assessment

Choice Strategy Group Builds Business

One of the world’s leading strategy experts, Kyle Brost has built a career helping organizations and individuals apply the Art of Strategy to Life, Leadership and Business.

He worked the oil fields of Wyoming to earn enough money to start is first business at the age of 21. By 24 he had sold his first company and bought a larger company in Kansas City. Since those early days he has become recognized for his insights about strategy and strategy work with leaders and organizations across the globe. Kyle is the founder of Choice Strategy Group and the President of Kyle Brost INTL, a company with majority ownership in mul.ple startups

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Our accomplishments and insights on strategy and leadership have been recognized across the globe. Here are just a few of the mentions and contributions we’ve received

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.    —Henry Ford, Industrialist

We want to share our strategic insights, and are thrilled about the impact our organization has had on other thought leaders and organizations. Reputability, credibility, and legitimacy are crucial components of any successful business, and we’re grateful to all the people who have helped us broaden our reach.

Please feel free to check out the articles below, all of which we’ve either written or been quoted in. We share stories about the importance of strategy, discussing the benefits of outsourcing to enhance your business, our thoughts on the term “company culture,” and pro tips on sales operations. 


Knowing you need to listen is one thing. Knowing what to listen for is something else entirely. One thing to listen for are statements made as fact, that aren’t actually fact. For example, “we never” or “every company”.  —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group


The biggest issue I see with sales operations is a disconnect between the organization’s strategy and the metrics driving sales. A close look at any organization’s (or function like sales operations’) metrics/measures will inform what behaviors the organization will see most frequently.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group 


Company culture is comprised of the learned (or assumed) behavior patterns within an organization. A key element of these behavior patterns is that they are built on deeper assumptions. So, the three important components of company culture are that they are learned, they are patterns and there is an underlying assumption driving them.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group

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It all starts with being more strategic in how work gets done.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group


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