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“We are a passionate team, strategic thinkers who dream big and work tirelessly to execute”

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Strategic Partnership = Strategic Outcomes

The co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman once said, “No matter how  brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team”. We firmly believe this to be true and work to become part of your team, meaning we are personally invested in your success.

Business Challenge #4:

How do I build trust online?

Tip: Pay Interest

We trust companies who we believe have our best interest at heart and have demonstrated their competence. So, if you want to build trust online ask yourself, “How can we show our customers that we have their best interest at heart?” and “How can we demonstrate our competence?”. This is the reason so many companies are producing free content online.

Our Approch

You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.    —Alvin Toffler, Writer & Futurist

At Choice Strategy Group, we do more than offer advice — we spark lasting change. Our dedicated team provides a unique framework for discovering insights and making innovative decisions. We understand market trends, and use our industry expertise to expose hidden opportunities that create long-term value. Our Confluence Theory™  defines strategy by a series of key terms that impact entrepreneurial behavior, integrate conflicting ideas, and align our clients’ resources to build capabilities. We want to give you the tools to succeed in the long term, with or without us by your side.

Our engagements are a partnership, and we’ll do everything in our power to share our actionable strategies with you. We rely on an integrated process to facilitate our engagements, and incorporate a training component into each session to drive lasting change. In doing so, your organization will leave the engagement not only more capable and strategic, but equipped to think strategically in an independent environment.

We’re invested in you and your business, and want you to walk away with a clearer sense of direction and stronger capabilities. At Choice Strategy Group, you can trust our team to push you, and lead you to maximum value creation.

Mentions & Contributions

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.    —Henry Ford, Industrialist

We want to share our strategic insights, and are thrilled about the impact our organization has had on other thought leaders and organizations. Reputability, credibility, and legitimacy are crucial components of any successful business, and we’re grateful to all the people who have helped us broaden our reach.

Please feel free to check out the articles below, all of which we’ve either written or been quoted in. We share stories about the importance of strategy, discussing the benefits of outsourcing to enhance your business, our thoughts on the term “company culture,” and pro tips on sales operations. 


The biggest issue I see with sales operations is a disconnect between the organization’s strategy and the metrics driving sales. A close look at any organization’s (or function like sales operations’) metrics/measures will inform what behaviors the organization will see most frequently.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group 


Company culture is comprised of the learned (or assumed) behavior patterns within an organization. A key element of these behavior patterns is that they are built on deeper assumptions. So, the three important components of company culture are that they are learned, they are patterns and there is an underlying assumption driving them.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group

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It all starts with being more strategic in how work gets done.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group

About Us

Lean. Entrepreneurial. Results-Oriented. 

We are a team of entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and academics. By combining our experience, research, and passion for strategy, we display our commitment to partnership and build effective processes to promote strategic thinking.

Our team members are dedicated to our clients and the challenges they face in their daily operations, and help organizations overcome obstacles of all kinds. Choice Strategy Group has facilitated problem solving and strategizing across the globe, and in some of the most challenging situations. In the commodities industry, for example, we know it can be incredibly difficult to identify channels for effective strategy; and yet, we’ve helped organizations navigate the situation. Despite the changing commodities landscape, we’ve helped them continue to create value for their organizations.

Here’s another example: Countless IT departments rely too heavily on their team members, and underutilize the contractors who are trained to oversee one-off projects. This practices leaves higher-paid employees in charge of low-value work, and gives the impression that the organization can do everything independently. Rather than overworking team members, the business should contract out menial projects to minimize employee burnout and retain their staff.

In short, Choice Strategy Group offers strategic leadership, problem solving, and value creation for a range of organizations from diverse industries. We decipher our clients’ challenges, and help them achieve tangible results.

About Kyle Brost – Principal at Choice Strategy Group

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.   Warren Bennis, Scholar & Consultant 

Growing up, Kyle spent a great deal of time in rural Wyoming. He learned about passion from his grandfather, who spent his life farming a single plot of land. A firm believer in learning from observation, Kyle realized the power of passion should come through in the simple things. His grandfather wasn’t financially motivated, but loved his work all the same; and as such, Kyle learned firsthand that passion shouldn’t be an abstract idea, but something people act on every day. There’s no question that helping out on the family farm helped shape Kyle’s professional life.

Similarly, living on a remote island in Alaska, Kyle began to take calculated risks. His father encouraged him to try new things, and from middle school Kyle worked at his dad’s pallet manufacturing business. He learned about strategy, motivation, and drive from his father, and from the rugged Alaskan terrain. People’s desire to succeed must be stronger than their fear of failure, he realized.

As a young adult, Kyle’s ambitions went from mowing lawns and importing goods from Mexico, to full-scale businesses. After an entrepreneurial stint in commercial carpet cleaning, Kyle partnered with one of the world’s largest logistics companies, and learned the ins and outs of customer service. Then, after selling those companies, he became a corporate strategy and organization design consultant, working with businesses around the world to create value and achieve extraordinary results.

He is genuinely committed to helping others succeed through strategic means. As Principal at Choice Strategy Group, he’s eager to continue helping organizations reach their performance objectives.


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